Seitenstetten Abbey with Historical Court Garden

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In the year of 1112, the nobleman Udalschalk von Stille und Heft founded an abbey in Seitenstetten, populating it with Benedictine monks from Göttweig Abbey. After a devastating fire around the year 1250, the ruins were rebuilt to become the abbey church in early Gothic style that we know today. The church is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and was completed around 1300. In 1348, it was the only building that was spared from yet another abbey fire. In the seventeenth century, the church was converted to Baroque style in two renovation phases.

Seitenstetten Abbey took on its present appearance between 1718 and 1737 under the supervision of the inspired baroque architect Joseph Munggenast. After his death in 1741, Johann Gotthard Hayberger took over the construction of the 160 m long church that is also known as "God's four-sided farmsteads", a nickname inspired by the farmhouses characteristic of the Mostviertel region.

Currently, the abbey accommodates up to 33 monks, an academic high school with around 400 pupils, an abbey gallery and 20 guest rooms. Apart from the abbey church and the Romanesque Knight's Chapel, the magnificent library and the Marble Hall are the abbey's main attractions. Both rooms feature formidable frescoes by Paul Troger. The ceiling fresco that can be found in the Abbey Staircase was made by Bartolomeo Altomonte. In 2019, the abbey opened the new Abbot's Gallery.

Historical Court Garden
The baroque Historical Court Garden located opposite of the abbey is a real treasure. Here, countless culinary and medicinal herbs as well as 110 different types of roses are grown. Various events taking place in the garden are particularly popular: Plant markets, the famous garden fair, the popular Night of a Full Moon with culinary and musical delights, concerts and even wedding receptions take place here.

Guided tour at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., all year for groups of 15 people or more by advance reservation. Guided tours in English upon request.

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