Druid's Path - Ysperklamm, No. 31

Pešia túra od Ysperklamm, Forellenhof Inn

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8,76 km dĺžka

Údaje o túre
  • Náročnosť: stredné
  • Trasa: 8,76 km
  • Stúpanie: 495 Hm
  • Zostup: 495 Hm
  • Trvanie: 4:00 h
  • Najnižší bod: 526 m
  • Najvyšší bod: 971 m
  • okružná trasa
  • vyhliadky
  • možnosť občerstvenia
  • vhodné pre rodiny s deťmi
  • geologické zaujímavosti
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Krátky opis

Weinsberg granite, the Ysper falling down in a gorge, mysterious druid sites, but also a magnificent view of the Yspertal valley give this certified hiking trail no. 31 with the "Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality" the rating "particularly valuable".   


Where, according to legend, druids once held priestly meetings, you can still feel a mystical power today. The 9-kilometre-long Druid Trail leads along Celtic paths and past mysterious power spots that invite you to recharge your batteries. The last section of the trail has many surprises in store: The path leads through a natural forest in its original form - a true rarity at this time - up to the Kaltenbergkreuz viewpoint. From there, the southern Waldviertel is literally at your feet. Opposite, the Peilstein shows its most beautiful side. You should allow yourself a good four hours to enjoy all the natural beauty that awaits hikers on this circular trail. We especially recommend this hike to families with children who like to go on a journey of discovery.

Počiatočný bod túry

Ysperklamm, Forellenhof Inn

Cieľový bod túry

Ysperklamm, Forellenhof Inn

Opis trasy Druid's Path - Ysperklamm, No. 31

The hike begins with the wildly romantic Ysperklamm gorge. Over a length of two kilometres, the Great Ysper overcomes 300 metres in altitude. At the top is the former "Ödteich", today a spruce forest. Continue flat and half-right until you reach the so-called Kaiserreith (spring). After a small climb, you reach the first cult site, the stone formation "Phallus with Vulva" with a cup stone. Continue to the "Sitting Dog" (short detour to the right), then the "Standing Bowl", the "Outer Stone Circle" and the "Inner Stone Circle" (Druid meeting place). The path continues to the "Great Bowl" and the "Living Cave". Next stop: "Sphinx", continue to the "Böndel". Here 13 bowl stones are arranged in a circle. On the other side of the mountain, descend a little, then branch off to the right through the high forest along the spur path to the "Kaltenbergkreuz" (walking time approx. 10 minutes). Wonderful vantage point directly above Pisching. Return along the spur path and descend to Siebendürfting. From the foot of the Kaltenberg on the country road back to the starting point.


Vienna - A1 to exit Ybbs/Wieselburg - B25 Erlauftal Bundesstraße to Persenbeug - here take the B3 to Yspersdorf - drive on the L7275 to Klaus.
Linz - take the B3 in the direction of Perg/Mauthausen/Steyregg as far as Yspersdorf - take the L7275 as far as Klaus


Free parking at the Ysperklamm.

Ďalšie informácie / odkazy

Ysperklamm3683 Yspertal, Klaus 74
(T) +43 7415 7349
(E) forellenhof-ysperklamm@aon.at

(I) www.forellenhof-ysperklamm.at 


TVB Ysper-Weitental
3683 Yspertal, Hauptstraße 9
(T) +43 7415 6767 25
(E) info.yw@waldviertel.at
(I) www.waldviertel.at  

Waldviertel Tourismus
3910 Zwettl, Sparkassenplatz 1/2/2
(T) +43 2822 54109
(E) info@waldviertel.at
(I) www.waldviertel.at/wandern  


Sturdy shoes, functional clothing, sun and rain protection, maps, telescopic poles if necessary, first aid kit (blister plasters), sufficient food (snack, müsli bar, fruit, water)

Bezpečnostné opatrenia

When choosing your route, make sure it suits your physical condition. Check whether the restaurants you want to visit on the way are open. Pack your mobile phone and maps in your backpack.

Mapa doporučená

Hiking guides for the hiking region of the southern Waldviertel are available from Waldviertel Tourismus or in the Waldviertel Online Shop.

Tip autora

The Ysperklamm is THE nature experience in the southern Waldviertel.  You can refresh yourself wonderfully at the small shallow water zones along the path.

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